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Symbolic zeros, structured matrices, ...ยค

Quax also includes several other example libraries.

These are deliberately not documented further here, as we have no intention of turning these into officially-supported fully-fledged Quax libraries.

However if you want to write your own Quax library then they exist so that you can take a look at their source code -- as a useful demonstration, or as a starting point.

  • quax.examples.named: arrays with named axes.
  • quax.examples.prng: PRNGs as array-ish values. (Rather than the special-cased jax.random.key you normally use.)
  • quax.examples.sparse: sparse arrays as array-ish values. (Rather than the jax.experimental.sparse implementation.)
  • quax.examples.structured_matrices: a tridiagonal matrix with an efficient matmul implementation.
  • symbolic zeros, so that e.g. a + zero immediately returns a during tracing, or so that zero[:5] returns a zero of a different shape.