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Terminology for typesยค

This API documentation uses a few convenient shorthands to refer some types.

  • Scalar refers to either an int, float, or a JAX array with shape ().
  • PyTree refers to any PyTree.
  • Array refers to a JAX array.

In addition shapes and dtypes of Arrays are annotated:

  • Array["dim1", "dim2"] refers to a JAX array with shape (dim1, dim2), and so on for other shapes.
    • If a dimension is named in this way, then it should match up and be of equal size to the equally-named dimensions of all other arrays passed at the same time.
    • Array[()] refers to an array with shape ().
    • ... refers to an arbitrary number of dimensions, e.g. Array["times", ...].
  • Array[bool] refers to a JAX array with Boolean dtype. (And so on for other dtypes.)
  • These are combined via e.g. Array["dim1", "dim2", bool].
  • The above syntax is essentially inspired by torchtyping.

Likewise, PyTree[T] is used to refer to a PyTree all of whose leaves have type T.